Time Heals Songtext
von Jason Donovan

Time Heals Songtext

It seems all promises
Are made to be broken
Anyone in love would know what I mean
And nothing seems to change
The words that are spoken
Nothing I could say
Could ever bring her back to me
Happens all the time
It's only love and emotion
Why it means so much
I can't understand
Everwhere I look
I'm seeing lovers in motion
Do they realise they have to make another plan
People try to tell me
That time heals time heals
But I thing it takes a long long time
They kept on trying to tell me
That time heals time heals
But I'm not too sure about this heart of mine
And all the time
I'm thinking what happened to us
We used to talk and try and work things out
We were in love
And everybody that knew us
Said we went together they never had a doubt
Maybe there are words
That can explain what I'm feeling
Everybody tells me
It gets better in time
I keep on looking
For the rhyme or the reason
But I don't get the answer to this question of mine
People try to tell me ...
People try to tell me ...

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