Cupids Greatest Thief Songtext
von Jamie McLean Band

Cupids Greatest Thief Songtext

I've been holding on to your keys
The ones you gave to me,
The ones that open your door
I've been gaining lots of sympathy
My friends they tell me,
These things they come and they go
They Go, They Go
They Go, They Go
I've been thinking about the things you used to say to me
The things you did to me baby
They were just so cruel
I've been drinking liquor, smoking tea
It makes me hazy, slightly crazy,
But in the morning I know
I Know, I Know, I Know I Know
It comes, it goes
I Know, I Know
So come back around, see me somehow, baby get next to me
I want you to stay, I need you this way, come on get close to me
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Every night before I go to sleep
I hear the sound of your voice,
You left me with no choice
In the words of cupid's greatest thief
This love is yours my friend,
It shall return again, it shall return again
And again, and again
And again, and again

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