It’s No Good Songtext
von Enuff Z’Nuff

It’s No Good Songtext

Up on the roof
With her shirt clutched between my fingers,
I hold her.
Dark and alone of the roof
As we lay there breathing slower.
It doesn't matter
If the world's not turning.
We wouldn't have to think of
Being somewhere else.
Without life,
Without love,
It's no good.

She goes to work with her pain
And it makes her lose her temper.
I lie around like a rock
And I'm slowly getting hefter.
When we're at home,
She's the fire starter.
If I don't kiss her when
She gets home we're through.
Without life,
Without love,
It's no good.

Needing a space
Of my own is healthy,
All she can think is
I'm up to something,
Cheating maybe,
Spending her dough.

Chasing me all over town
Just to tell me I don't matter.
I turn away like a rock,
These are actions, burning anger.
Says I don't love her
And just goes crazy,
The tears all over
And I get lazier.
Without life,
Without love,
It's no good.

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