On Your Own Songtext
von DJ Encore

On Your Own Songtext

1. verse

The little girl you're looking for
Is no longer here
She's out of reach out of sight
And slowly disappears
Into the dark
And empty night where we used to lay
So while you sleep
I'm whispering goodnight.
1. bridge

Cause nothing's the same forever
I wish I could change with you

go on (and) leave me
While you still can go on
Without me
You must understand
That's who I am
So goodnight my love
Now you're on your own.
2. verse

The little girl
Who used to say
I'll always be here
Has changed her mind
or woken up
from her
endless dreaming
in that dark
and empty place
where we always go
but when today is yesterday
we'll know
2. bridge

that nothing's the same forever
I wish I change with you
I hope you'll feel better
and maybe one day you will see
that we're alone together
baby don't
become like me

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