Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothy’s Theme) Songtext
von Diana Ross

Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothy’s Theme) Songtext

Swear to God this is more than I can deal with
Thinkin' back on that old song
Where did I go wrong by caring and sharing
Being together no matter
I can't stand not knowing
Is this what feeling gets
A hope for happy endings?
Alone and scared
Something I don't want to be
What did he see when he looked inside of me?
If this is just a dream
How come I feel like screaming?
This is the real world
Go on and do what you feel, girl

Can I?
Can I?
Is this what feeling gets?
So where's the happy ending?
There's nothing here but the fear of
Will I try?
And can I stare it in the eye
Not ever knowing why?

please tell me why?

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