Thomas Saunders Lloyd Webber (Demo) Songtext
von Crywank

Thomas Saunders Lloyd Webber (Demo) Songtext

I was born to be mothered,
in that sense nothing has changed.
I now wail when I'm troubled,
I don't grow up, I just parody myself.
I used to hear your voice everyday
so now when I hear you, it freaks me the fuck out.
Otherwise, I'd forget it
so when you speak, it comes flooding back to me.

I don't want a life ruled by money,
but when you're poor, it's hard not to think about.
I don't want to change myself to impress you,
but when you're lonely it's hard not to do.
I'm not in it to get big,
but saying that, I'm pretty scared of just being forgotten.
I wouldn't want to sell my soul,
but just because it doesn't feel like I've got one.

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