i Shyne Songtext
von Carnage

i Shyne Songtext

Lil Pump
Ayy, ayy, ayy, chyeah
Ayy, Lil Pump, chyeah

Look at my neck shine (ice)
Look at my wrist shine, chyeah (ooh)
My diamonds might make you blind, chyeah
Let 'em in five at a time, ooh (brr)
I just be smoking up dope, chyeah
All of my diamonds on froze, ooh (Lil Pump)
Louis down head to my toe, chyeah
I just might buy the store, chyeah
Look at my neck shine, chyeah (ice)
Look at my wrist shine, chyeah
Fuck a bitch two times, chyeah
Pussy was too fire, ooh (brr)
No, I cannot lie, ooh
Look at my neck shine, chyeah
Look at my wrist shine (brr)
I think I got too high, ooh

Look at my neck shine
Gucci goggles on so I got four eyes, yeah
Smokin' on gelato, yeah I got it from Dubai
Bending your bitch, Louis all on bowtie
Fuck five hoes in a day, yeah, I can't lie
Smash her and her sister at the same time
Tell her bust it open, gotta do it on FaceTime
Fuck a nine to five, I eat the booty in the day time, ooh
Look at my wrist, I'm like "Ooh, damn"
She suck my dick off the Instagram
Cold, so you know who I am, chyeah
Left wrist cost a hunnid bands, ooh
Pop a bean, now my brain open
Right wrist so wet it look like the ocean
White girl gave me top, told her I had to focus
Lil Pump saved the rap game like a poet, wow

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