Tribute to Bob Marley Songtext
von Cameo

Tribute to Bob Marley Songtext

Hey Bob Marley
come play us reggae music
come play all day
come play us reggae music
because we need it (we need it)
(we need it)
to feel it down (we need it) in our souls
(yes we need it)
we use it (we use it)
woah (we use it)
to find the music for (we use it) the young and the old (yes we use it)
(now let me understand what you have to say)
but now everybody listens since you've gone away
(you talk about your troubles it's a crying shame)
let's contemplate
Bob Marley's reggae music
I play all day
Bob Marley's reggae music
because it fuels us (it fuels us)
woah (it fuels us)
it fuels us with the (it fuels us) feeling of joy (yes it fuels us)
the music (the music)
(the kind of music) the kind of music that can brighten your day
(from people evolutions from sea to sea_____(unconceivable) our family)

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