I Cry Too Songtext
von Bob Geldof

I Cry Too Songtext

Something's wrong
She was lying on the bed
Crying, when I walked in and said
"You look like you're dying"
She said "I feel it I've felt this way a long time"
Now she's gone
Late on
I would lie by her heart
Silent, but awake in the dark
The two of us staring
I throught "I've lost her I've loved her for a long time"
And now she's gone
It got so hard
It gets so hard
There's a feeling inside
That can't be described
It's not a question of death
Nor a matter of life
More a slow breaking down
Like emotional rust
It's an empty despair
That turns things to dust
Baby, baby
The whole world dies
So we die slowly
Darling, darling
I see you cry
So I cry with you too
Coming home
I would find her by the phone
Leavingher alone when it rang
But she never answered
Oh but I watched her
Her face shone like an angel
How it shone.

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