Love Song for a Dom Stripper Songtext
von Be Steadwell

Love Song for a Dom Stripper Songtext

Walking to the strip club
Imma have a heart attack
Theirs naked girls on the walls
I just don't know how to act
Strippers make me nervous
I don't know what I expected
Put my ones at their feet cause,
I just wanna respect them
Then I see you in the distance
Like a scene in a movie
Everything it slows down
Crank up my shutter speed
She's a girl in her boy jeans
Cutest thing that I ever seen
Better than a fantasy
Bringing out the boy in me
Straddling the base drum
Simmer in your smoke screen
I watch you from a distance
Going down on the melody
Sexy in your walk
Heaven in your locks girl
Everything I want
Twenties in your boxers
Sexy in your walk girl
Heaven in your locks girl
Everything I want girl
Twenties in your boxers
You go down on the melody
Ooh, girl
Look at what you do to me
I'm not the type
To fall for a stripper
But if I did
You know that you'd be it girl
Watching as she undress
Bad bitch contest
And somehow in this context
Two Chainz is feminist
I want you for breakfast
I want you for my birthday
I want you for Easter
Curled up inside a Easter etc
Watch dance beneath the stage
And dancing like she owns it
She's too sexy to this whole damn place
And she's dancing like she knows it

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