Machines of G-D Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Machines of G-D Songtext

Apocalyptic G-d presence/
Feeling the fire of G-d's essence/
You need Rosetta Stones to unlock my poem's message/
Born in a body of sand since early dawn/
Adam spawned genetic code of early on/
Written on the rocks of Hebron, The Earth Is Gone/
Reverted from an Information Age to Early Bronze/
Punishment of Civilization/
The only reason why this wicked nation ain't burning is G-d's patient/

The best decision/
For somebody in your position/
Is head down, hands up in submission/
We're where the future lies/
With Y-S-H-U-A the truth's alive/

Will somebody tell me how come/
My sound waves will never ricochet/
Obliterate your breath and leave your chest concave/
Killing a knave/
Sound decibel levels of wrath/
Your inner ear hammer will crack your anvil in half/
I follow a path through Euclidean spacetime/
Mythological allusion inserted in every line/
Telekinetically crack a lion's spine/
Freeing the blind from mind control on mankind's soul/
We strike Achilles at his heel/
We strike the modern man like Gregor Mendel, meddling with his alleles/
Wounds of Darwinian Theory will never heal/
Once the population finds Intelligent Design/
Enzymes hold the signs of a Divine Mind/
Darwinian speculation is useless/
To explain emergence/
Of cellular machines below the surface/
Seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose/
Of a system of integrated parts/
Excluding chance as part/
Of how it could ever start/
I speak with truth and in reason/
But whether you believe or not/
We leave Darwinian fish bleeding/


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