Had Enough Songtext
von Animal Drive

Had Enough Songtext

It's a mystery, how we all ended up here
Perfect God creation doesn't seem so clear
And now look what we got
I don't know where to start

I think I've had enough
Who's the last to laugh
Come and join the band
Of the promised land
And touch, the dead end

Broken in two parts
That's where the madness starts

I've had enough, am I to blame
I've had enough, it's such a shame
After all this time, that I've been down
I've had enough

Am I part of the masquerade
Am I part of the ball
Is this dance with the devil
When do I fall
This time it might be too late
For me to stand up again
And go along, with the wind
Go against the grain

Unleash the beast
Either way I can't escape from here

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