Live at the Fillmore

The Layla Sessions (Compilation)

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

In Concert (Live)

Mehr Songtexte

  1. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Alternative Number 1)
  2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Alternative Number 2)
  3. Tell the Truth (Jam No. 1)
  4. Tell the Truth (Jam No. 2)
  5. It's Too Late
  6. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  7. Why Does Love Get to Be So Sad?
  8. Keys to the Highway
  9. Moody Jam
  10. Jim's Song
  11. Chocolate
  12. Son of Apache
  13. High
  14. I've Been All Day
  15. It's Hard to Find a Friend
  16. Till I See You Again
  17. Jam IX
  18. Bell Bottom Blues (basic track with false start)
  19. Untitled Instrumental #1
  20. Any Day
  21. I Looked Away (rough mix 1)
  22. Keep on Growing (basic track)
  23. Tender Love
  24. Mean Old Frisco (basic track)
  25. Bad Boy
  26. Untitled Instrumental #2
  27. Why Does Love Got to Be So Said
  28. Got to Get Better in a Little While Jam
  29. Snake Lake Blues (major key)
  30. I Looked Away (rough mix 2)
  31. Bell Bottom Blues (basic track guitar overdub)
  32. Snake Lake Blues (minor key)
  33. Instrumental #1
  34. Tell the Truth (backing jam)
  35. Don't Know Why
  36. Nobody Knows You (basic track)
  37. Sick at Heart
  38. Nobody Knows You
  39. Band Introduction
  40. Jam VII
  41. Stormy Monday
  42. One More Chance (basic track)
  43. Devil Road (Rene Armando on vocals)
  44. Jam VI
  45. Layla (from "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music")
  46. Country Life
  47. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (unreleased mono from original test acetate)
  48. Motherless Children
  49. Instrumental #2
  50. Rambling on My Mind
  51. Evil (basic track)
  52. [band introduction]
  53. Devil Road
  54. Is My Love
  55. Intros / In a Little While
  56. Jam VIII
  57. [introduction]
  58. I Don't Know Why
  59. Every Day I Have the Blues
  60. All Night Long (Derek's Boogie)
  61. It’s Hard to Find a Friend
  62. Instrumental
  63. Jim’s Song
  64. I’ve Been All Day
  65. Thorn Tree in My Garden
  66. Blues Power / Have You Ever Loved a Woman


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