Ain't Nothing Like a Heartache deutsche Übersetzung
von Juliet

Ain't Nothing Like a Heartache Lyrics Übersetzung

Seems the power that be
are testing your fate
oh, it keeps coming down
say what you will
but it shows in your face
so it's under your skin
you're a slave to the pain
only you break the chains
only you turn the dial
by saying goodbye

Ain't nothing like a heartache
just let it go down
Stop wondering why
ain't nothing like heartache
could ever make you wise
and turn your whole world around
till you're back on the ground

Dreams may tumble and fall
it's all in the game
just a means to an end
oh, but how will it work
when love goes against the grain
you're nobody's fool
you're destined to win
there's always a chance to begin again

Ain't nothing...


Life is unkind
but when your love is gone
there will be something left
something good left behind
to keep moving on

Ain't nothing

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