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The last sunray
Suffocates in nothingness
Buries the day
Green turns grey
The earth slowly dyes black
The wind wafts cold
The night falls now
Concealed deep in the forest, our empire
Averted from humans
Concealed from their gazes
This is our empire

At whose borders time freezes
Where even gods
Only subject
And nobody came back
From this forest so mighty and old
From light yet untouched
At that place, where wisdom lies
Entrance for you denied
And where the wind carries dark curses
Deep in our empire
Where life gives way to death
Where even gods
and kings, too, kneel down
During day so gorgeous
The night thirsts for blood
The forest awakens
Pitch-black, full of hate
A mass grave
In the Finsterforst

Majestically stand trees
Steer your steps silently
Like in trance
Through the night
Into doom
Follow him
The alluring call
Of the wind
That what you search for
Lies in front of you
Trust the call
Yonder is peace
Deep in the woods concealed lies
Surrounded by beauty that never decays
A legend never to leave the forest
No wanderer who could ever tell
What during day allures the wanderer
Embraces him in his arms
Plays to him with gentle wind
All the beauty revelead
From afar quiet rustling
Clear springs to quench the thirst
Let's him go on further
'til the forest engulfs him whole
Gazes back at the path behind
Hits him with full force
And confidence gives way to dread
Sinister rain washes away his traces
His very last prayer
Suffocated in the Finsterforst
When courage breaks and the last hope dies
When bodies fall and the blood nourishes the ground
The blood
The soul
Will forever be ours
Buried with all the others
Buried in the dark heart of the Finsterforst
To nurture the pitch-black heart of the forest
A storm
Draws close
Blurs the memory
In the sombre shadows of the night wafts an ice-cold draft of eternity
Guarded by stars is our empire where one only finds death
Impassable, prohibited for you
Since aeons unscathed by humanity
Where your gods rot and your rulers fell
Invincible for all time

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