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von Dina Carroll

Someone Like You Lyrics Übersetzung

Someone Like You"
by: Ceres, Keith, & the Bongos
(pls change the artists' name if you're gonna
cpy it... tnx!)

I. (Keith)
Could this be love?
Could this be true?
Could you be that someone
I can run to?

Everyday, I'd find myself say
This couldn't be the day but,
Hey baby I found you...

'Been searching for someone like you
'Been searching for someone to call my own
It's not everyday
I can feel this way

I've been living in the dark
If this is love
Then you have made it start
I've been waiting for
Someone like you (to) come my way

(Keith:) Is this how it feels,

(Ceres:) Of falling in love?

(duet:) Then why do I hear music
Everywhere I go?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Ceres:) With you it seems
I can do no wrong...

(Keith:) Falling in love seems
To do no harm...

(duet:) Baby you have got to be
...the one...

(Repeat Chorus one octave higher)

(Ceres:) ...someone like you...
...someone like you... yeah, yeah

(Keith:)...someone like you...

(Ceres:)...someone like you...
...someone like you...

(duet:)...someone like... you...

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