Friends Songtext
von Y1

Friends Songtext

When comes to friends, how many Of us have em
When shit get ugly like Udonis Haslem
It be the ones you do so much shit for
That be no where near a bathroom With a attitude that′s piss poor
So what they comin' at nick for
When I Gave em fresh clothes out My closet to keep em out the thrift Store
I welcomed you with open arms
Even after I caught you stealing from Me like bruh man from the 5th floor
What did I do to deserve this Hoe ish Shit
You can′t trust niggas no further than You can throw ya spit
I put my niggas on my back, cuz I'm The captain of this showmanship
But when it came the love, they ain't Show me shit
You win some, you lose some, niggas Don′t owe me shit
But if they died tomorrow wouldn′t Even send condolences
I gave you your roses while you could Smell em
I treated you as my equal, they Treated you like a felon
People warned me about you I Inquired
Told you a lie and watched you Spread It like around wildfire
And now ya whole life looking like Napa valley
So keep that phoney friend shit the Fuck from round me
You don't know shit about me

Ya nigga in the next room plotting
Doing sneak shit
Like you ain′t watching
So tell me what's ya option
Keep the grass cut
Around snakes
They be the ones
Looking at ya body at ya wake
Knowing they the reason
That you there
The scare
Of a jealous nigga
When his vision impaired
You wanna share
But he want the pie
All to his self
See that type of shit
Make me wanna altar his health
Have niggaz at ya door
Death along wit em
Thinking everything calm
Until the storm hit him
It rain on niggaz like you forreal
Get thrown off a roof
For that juice forreal
That′s how I feel
I been way to kind
For so long
When I speak
They pay me no mind
I want em thinking I'm a bitch forreal
Til I spray
And empty this clip forreal
I′m just saying

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