Sensitivity Songtext
von Worn-Tin

Sensitivity Songtext

Meet me in the backseat
Tell me that you love me
Please just be so caring to know that i'm here

Know your limitations
Before things start to fade and
Never Let me know or please just be kind

Tell me when you're angry
Rock you just so gently
I just need to know, know that you are mine

Boarder line neurotic
Seamless and psychotic
I get so exhausted from hums and some rings

All my sensitivity
Never let it get to me
Grabs me like a cavity
Brings me to a Tragedy
Show me hospitality
Sorry for the fantasy
I just want to know you for a long long time

Treat me like a brother
Climb under the covers
You always think and wonder if you love him

He treats you with perfection
I guess it's more complex than
Things that make my head spin ALL OF THE TIME

It's all that sensitivity
Always seems to get to me
Throws me up like gravity
All built up inside of me
It takes me to a fantasy
Works just like a factory
And creates things that I shouldn't do

And when I get you alone
Were out on the Town
But lately I feel you don't want me around
Pr-pr-pr-prancing around, around the sycamore tree
I need somebody to help me
to set me free
oh oh (oh oh oh oh oh oh)

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