Is it Too Late Songtext
von World Party

Is it Too Late Songtext

Talk about biting the hand that feeds
Sitting there watching as it bleeds
Try your best in the winter light
When it really should be summer night

Is it too late, baby? Too late now
Too late, baby? Too late now
Too late for you to realize
Everything could have been alright

Is it been to long? Yeah
Is it too long now
Is it too long for you to make the change?
Gotta love yourself to make a better day

I hate the way you don't want to move
What's the matter?
Money rules the groove now
What we're doing here today
Won't make the bad life go away

You gotta grow the beard
Find the doubt
And maybe you'll work
Something out, hey

Is it too long baby? Too long now yeah
Too long for you to make the change
You got to love yourself
To make a better day, better day

Look out

And recognize your soul
And everything's alright
You gotta see the whole
And everything's alright

Come on give yourself a break
Everything's alright
We'll be breathing deep
And everything's alright

Well, come on come on come on
Everything's alright

In a dream I was crossing African plains
And elephant's graveyard, a bone dry place
And I was wondering why there was no more rain
And in a pile of bones, I saw your face

Is it too late baby?
Is it too late now? Yeah

It's aright
It's alright
It's alright

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