Tormentor (Wimp Reaper) Songtext
von Wizzard

Tormentor (Wimp Reaper) Songtext

A brazing fire flies thru the night at the speed of
Thunder roaring Heavy Metal power the only might
Smell of burning flesh and blood
His fists reap wimps like a scythe
His mouth belches insults like a machine gun
The city walls echo his battlecries

There's no escape from his wrath
Say your prayers ýcos heýs coming for you

Tormentor - he's pure Heavy Metal from head to heels
Wimp Reaper - play him disco and see how it feels
Tormentor - he never stays in heýs out for you every
Wimp Reaper - wimps leave with a broken nose & a pair
Of black eyes

You can see it in his eyes his flammable rage against
Disco pufters
Whenever he hears false metal sounds of breaking bones
Accompany his laughter
His nose detects a wimp anywhere
You won't have a chance against his might
He's a guerrilla of Metal
Strikes fast and disappears into the night

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