Waving Flag Songtext
von Will Butler

Waving Flag Songtext

I'm tired
Of waiting
For a better day

But I'm scared
And I'm lazy and
Nothing's gonna change

The war is
Not over
The blood's still on the ground

But I'm far
And I'm safe and
I will not make a sound

I watch from the edge
But all I can see are the waves

The flags
Are waving
They're ready for the past

They're strong
And they're saying
The fighting's gonna last

Till the dead
Can rise up from their beds
And laugh with their friends
The future
Is only a dream

You sought
The future
They tried to make you hide

We took
But now we're on your side

Let us rest
With our friends
In the sun
Cause the battle is won
The present
Is only a dream

Why don't you let us be?
Why won't you let us be?

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