God's Eye View Songtext
von Walter Becker

God's Eye View Songtext

(Last chance)
Could you make it, baby
If you only had one more one?
(Fast break)
You think the world is waiting
While you′re gettin' your bikini done

(Screen pass)
Like a blind side tackle
Boiling up from way behind
(Cheap shot)
You can feel it coming
But you know it′s gonna blow your mind

So you rock so and you skank so
Well, if you think so why not say so?

(Trash talk)
Now you tell your girlies
That it's nothin' but a burnout buzz
(Chump change)
When you pick up the pieces
You don′t even know what it was

(Goose chase)
A little runaround action
Just to keep the background pure
(Jump cut)
To the grim conclusion
That you never can tell for sure

Well, it′s the God's eye view
Better take a long, hard look
You′re gonna have me right now
Like it says in the book

It's the God′s eye view
Baby, it's the queen and the rook
Chasing one lonely pawn
No, it wouldn′t take long

(Safe house)
Just a simulation of the
Mommy and daddy groove
(Mood swing)
When the game gets tired
And you're ready to bust a move

(Bad luck)
There are no surprises
When the best laid plans go bust
(Deal with it)
In the glaring absence
Of anything you could trust

So you rock so
(So you rock so)
It's a fact so
(It′s a fact so)

Now that you know so
(Now that you know so)
Why don′t you act so?
(Why don't you act so?)

Of the last resistance
And the partisans fold their tent
(Mind meld)
Like a permanent picture
Of your pussy print in cement

(Big bang)
It′s a Bible story
With a plot twist at the end
And whatever happened
Well, it's happening here again

It′s the God's eye view
This is where the deal goes down
Girl, you better get right
With the facts on the ground

It′s the God's eye view
Everything they say is so
No original sins
The house always wins

(He says)
Me and her went walking
By the river on Friday night
(He says)
And we started talking
And she says you know it don't seem right

(She says)
After all that′s happened
And I end up with a prick like you
(Too bad)
Well, it′s too bad darlin'
And there′s nothing for a man to do

It's the God′s eye view
Baby, take a long hard look
I was standing right there
When they wrote in the book

It's the God′s eye view
Baby, take a long hard look
I was standing right there
When they wrote the book

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