Be Reality(C-mix) Songtext
von W A Sunshine

Be Reality(C-mix) Songtext

That wasn′t my day.
I can't believe myself.

L′m in level one and that is,
Have no credit from ea, ea, a, a,
L go to world tour to find my reality,
To be reality.

Now, I'm in the level four,
That have no front door,
L'm so, scared from this world,
L don′t know my Kal,
From the finite answer,
That nobody know,
But became a reality as a flow.

That wasn′t my day, l can't believe myself,
The path from reality, just be reality.

Everything l′m think,
L couldn't be anymore,
Just find my reality,
There nothing in my store,
L want something new,
But it can′t change anymore,
But just be reality, I found l'm won.

There is no future of anyone,
It just like magician.
To be reality,
Just work on dream on.

Than in the level six,
There is so much pain,
With so strong strom,
Which have nothing gain.

In the range of high tore,
There is so much probe,
But I can′t stop like this,
Even it get harder more.

L'm like that girl,
Which in the ground floor,
L found my reality,
Which is not though anymore.

L doing it thousand time,
But I fail everytime,
L go to make it right,
But I defeat anytime.

But I can't stop it,
This is the chance to become it,
That wasn′t my day,
L can′t believe myself,
The path from reality,
Just be reality.

The levels are done,
And l'm gone,
L′m so perfect,
And I believe MYSELF,
And I won, l won, won, won yee.

That wasn't my day,
L can′t believe myself,
The path from reality,
Just be reality.

Reality, Reality, Reality,
Reality, Reality, Reality,
Yeah, just be reality.

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