Digital Dictator Songtext
von Vicious Rumors

Digital Dictator Songtext

He travels through the skies
With Technicolor lights
Terminating life in air
Traffic regulation
That snatch you against the pipe
A hundred others watch his rage
Well it′s a fight

Sign of the times
Or so we're told
Let it unwind
Programming minds
He′s ruling with false control
Digital Dictator
He's ruling with false control

Round and round we go
The cycle never ends
One or two at a time
Come closer ...
Call to apart
The circuit's on the blink
Going through the night
He′ll never leave he′s weak

[* Repeat]

Just the most incredible
He's always played to win
...Training on destruction
He′d blow his men
Ultimate shooter
Perfection in sight
Master in affliction with terror
In the sky

[* Repeat]

Digital Dictator
Digital Dictator

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