D-Block Songtext
von Vicious Rumors

D-Block Songtext

Welcome to the abusement park
Nightmares Hell if these walls could talk
Is your violence stronger than mine
I'll take that challenge anytime
My legs are stiff my body bleeds
A killer instinct is all I need

Rotten apples in a row
30 days in the hole
The mind runs wild in the dark
Thoughts that tear your head apart

Turn off the lights lock the door
D-Block haunts the cell block floor
Load the guns turn the key
D-Block is eternity

Last of light has shone it's face
Now the dark will take its place
Cool the blood forged in Hell
Learn to live the burning red
Life in here smells like death
I got eyes in the back of my head

Icy waters seal your fate
From this island no escape
Body starts to fail quick
Frozen solid then you sink

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