Bop, Bop, Bop Songtext
von V.I.C.

Bop, Bop, Bop Songtext

(king of da jungle... king of da sheets...
fuck dawg exclusive! imma shake the club on this one mayn
the beast. yeah)

I bop, bop, bop im the man girl freind x4
now make it bop bop bop (stick it baby do x2)
now girl drop drop drop (stick it baby do x2/3)
to da top top top (stick it baby do x2/3)
now baby stop stop stop (stick it baby do x2/3)

Off in the club
who could it be
actin like a star
Mr. V.I.C

off in da club everybody know me
they call me MR. get silly
even there in over seas

Now i lets my nuts swang
like the brigs in the tree
and i lets my nuts hang over beats
imma beast

yall talk about swag
I talk about me
mr i never mentioned
what the women wanna see

i bop bop bop
ima tha man girlfreind
like damn
you should lose ya man girlfrein

cuz if he aint boppin
dat gucci while droppin
and heart stoppin it
then ya man aint me


Now who do yall came to see, who do yall came to see
V.I.C V.I.C (x2)

now run and tell them niggas that im hot like maam
got the girls rockin in the club like baam
run and tell them niggas keep ya girl at home
cuz if she alone then she might get gone

run and tell them niggas theres a kid on the block
he hates red light cuz he aint gonna stop
who makes the girls moist
drippin cream by the crop
then he lick and a sag
on da cream of da crop

i would run and tel ya boys about ya prized chik
but i aint gonna spoil it
cuz ya girl my side chik

i got her makin noises
cant keep her quiet
and she call me side kick
cuz they way my nose flip

now sing along


now back to the lecture at hand
ur girl at bally working up grand
spendin your money
a sexless and
she even had the nerve
to use your car for the tan

just to see me (me)
king of da sheets (sheets)
king of da jungle (jungle)
i beat it like a beast (beast)

she said your boring
you put her to sleep
not because your good
cause your tired and your week

im takin your hunnies the boy so sweet
and i let her lick the wrapper
but im not weezy (x2)


Now who do yall came to see, who do yall came to see
VIC VIC (x2)

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