Carthago Songtext
von Veto

Carthago Songtext

Long ago
People with strength and believe
Sailed on their ships
Out to conquer the world
Over the seas and all over the land
Sword and shields, blood in the sand

On and on
Many years passed many died
Wasting the men
All the children cried out
Life in fear of the cruel enemy
Strong 'though they are, strong they must be

They fight for more land
For freedom and greed
They fight as they're told
By rulers and their god's priest
Men without fear
Endeavoured for war
Their god, Hannibal
A son of the stars

Alone, no support
To loot was their game
Too long far from home
The troops' tired fight was in vain
The end crawling near
The Romans struck back
None of them all survived this attack

Slain and torn on the ground
The brave men failed
And total defeat they have found

Rome victorious again
Carthago's down
Condemned to obey 'til the end

Slaves and gold was the claim
And all that remained was one name:

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