Boy Called Fucker Songtext
von V for Violence

Boy Called Fucker Songtext

Fuck this it′s always the same the same game and the same mistakes damn,
I'm getting bored of all the talk about you and your vain attempts

Fuck off give me a break and fuck off don′t wanna hear anymore of this
Bullshit no wonder you didn't make it if you didn't even try it
Headache and my ears are sore headache and my ears are sore you
And me and I we separate I keep movin′ while you do nothing

You are a stupid boy and you don′t know what is out there 'cos
You′re afraid of the pain and the bruices and some blood and some
Hearache and fences that might come and get you will you stand up
Or will you stay down will you stand up or stay down

Say you wanna do it but you're never gonna make it say you gonna
Have it but you ain′t getting it say you wanna do it but you're
Never gonna make it... happen it′s always the same

C'mon here we go again the same game and the fucking mistakes still
Waiting? what the fuck? you tosser - do you call this life? it's
Nothing but a goddamn illusion of being safe and being saved from
That one single thing you really have for yourself, fucker!



You will never make it you will never make it you will never make it happen

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