Trying to Do It Right Songtext
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Trying to Do It Right Songtext

"O God! If thou wilt not have mercy on my soul,
Yet for Christ's sake whose blood hath ransomed me,
Impose some end to my incessant pain; Let Faustus live
in hell a thousand years— A hundred thousand,
and—at last—be saved! O, no end is limited to damned
souls! Why wert thou not a creature wanting soul?"

I'm trying to do it right
But you don't give me an answer
I'm trying to do my best
But it all seems to ruin down this ravine
I try to go on and climb
I'm trying to get my first love my first wage my
Mama I'm trying to do it right
But maybe I like it wrong
Your son is such a
boy with no compromise
When everybody has sold his mind,

I'll do it right
And maybe I'll cross these walls
It's time to risk and
look God straight in the eyes
Don't shed a tear if I will die
You knew I was mine
Mama I'm trying to do it right
But maybe I like it wrong
Your son is like a
Devil with the sky behind
When angels keep on choosing clouds
I choose to fight

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