Throw This Money Songtext
von U.S.D.A.

Throw This Money Songtext

This is a strip club service announcement, all yall muthafuckas dats around da stage dat aint spendin no money move the fuck back
I got ma USDA niggas outside mann dey hands holdin bout 50 thousand in ones mann
Suga get bout 4 bottles of grey goose, 2 bottles of patron, and somebody please bring me ma raincoat right now
Deez niggas bout to acta foo
All yall lame muthafuckas dat aint got no money please leave now and exit da buildin KILL YOSELF!
I told cha... its goin down

[Slick Pulla:]
Slick p, my brim on lean.
MVP, I go hard for the team.
Hoes on scope yeah they keep me on their beams.
They like the way they old school look when it gleam.
Step up in the club pullin stacks out
4 logs in the bottle watch a nigga black out(fo real).
Next thing you know I'm standing on a pile of cash.
Shorty shakin like she got moracas on her ass.
Glacier for a wrist, got a glacier for a chain.
The human chandleir I'm a freeze him off main.
The bread come fast and we quick to let it go.
We throw it in the air and watch them get it on the flo.

[hook: x2]
Gone shake that ass bitch I'm a throw this money
Gone shake that ass bitch I'm a throw this money
Gone shake that ass bitch I'm a throw this money
I'm a throw this money, I'm a throw this money

[Blood Raw:]
U already know, 124
3 the hard way hoes runnin to the flo
Me, young jizzle and the boy slick p
We been gettin money, we been throwin G's
We been ridin chevys, we been sittin high
8732 yeah the boy so fly
Got a chick in carolina, a hoe down in Texas
Went to Alabama got a bitch name alexas
One in D.C., a bitch in Seattle
Real thick red bone she look like Ciara
In the club throwin money, u niggas better cuff it
Whole click draped up u niggas better tuk it


[Young Jeezy:]
I say I'm young black and rich, pack a big clip
4-5 on me yeah I'm packin big shit
Just left the projects I scooped up my homies
Brought some stacks wit me big Shaq like ya know me
Everybody got it yeah the whole crew eatin
Presidential suites now the whole crew freakin
Valade the ride yeah I killed them in the lot
Niggas drivin 62's yeah I killed them with the pot
Breakin down sweets takin shots of patrone
Last night I got drunk couldn't find my way home
Money over bitches yeah kinky told me that'
And sell a whole zone my nigga meechie told me that wussup


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