Love (I Don't Need It Anymore) Songtext
von Union

Love (I Don't Need It Anymore) Songtext

Morning light lands on her face
As another day begins
In her eyes, there′s a story of a lover
Who's been disappointed once again

So she combs her hair, she′ll wash her face
Sing her favorite song as she forces out a smile
Now the song's the same but her world has changed
And everything she held so dear it's all on trial

She said, "Love, I don′t need it anymore"
She said, "Love, it lies in pieces on the floor
Love, I don′t need it anymore"
She said, "Love, it keeps walking out that door"

Daydream weaver paints a picture perfect in her mind
Make believe, the author of a story
Where the ending always turns out fine

So she takes a drag of a cigarette
With her head in her hands she keeps askin' why
All the bad luck comes as good love goes
She′s cryin' up a river but that river′s about to run dry

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