Never Satisfied Songtext
von Tygers of Pan Tang

Never Satisfied Songtext

I met her in a night club looking so obscene
I never seen a woman move like her before
I need it, could you believe it, is what she said
If you wanna play, then come my way
I'll show you lots of things, you've never done before
I swear, I declare, she took me by surprise

She's never satisfied, never satisfied, I know cause I tried
She's never satisfied, she's one of a kind
She's never satisfied, she's got bites
She's never satisfied, never satisfied, I know cause I tried

So I went back to her trendy flat
I didn't know what I had let myself in for
My oh my, it ain't no lie she wanted more and more
She said I got this fire its called desire
You started the flames, now you must put them out for me
Oh, baby, I ain't lazy, but I've nothing left to give


When she let me go I crawled back home
The phone started ringing, it was her again
'Hey honey do you love me?' is what she asked
So come round tonight for another bite
You can't imagine how I felt, after the night I spent
Oh, baby, I can't take anymore...


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