Lonely Man Songtext
von Tygers of Pan Tang

Lonely Man Songtext

I walk the streets alone, memories turn out wrong God
Looking for some answers, to all my questions
Now fools don't care about the blues
So I'm told but I don't know, if I drink too much
It helps me forget my loneliness

I'm just a lonely man, crying to be just a lonely man
So long, so long, I've been lonely so long

I always seem to lose and get refused, must face the truth
I need somebody I can talk to and trust, I'm waiting, waiting
For someone to come and make it right
I don't want sympathy
And I'm so tired of myself you see.


Wish I could find some love, and affection, direction
Not many chances have ever come my way
Tell me is there a secret, to happiness that stops distress?
Why do things always change
Why can't anything stay the same?


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von Tygers of Pan Tang

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