Going Thru a Lot Songtext
von T‐Pain

Going Thru a Lot Songtext

Konvict Music... it's time to do it
I can't handle all these bills and payments
This stuff is overstressin me (but I still gotta do it)
Baby mama put me on them papers ain't get nothing for the baby (but I still gotta do it)
I can't keep on working (keep on working)
Seems like the whole world's ignoring me (but I still gotta do it)
Schemers keep on jerking (keep on jerking)
Everybody's getting more than me (but I still gotta do it)

So pass that drank, pass that dro, it's my life
So what you think, what you know?
It's alright and I paid the price, but still I'm
Going through a lot, sitting on the block now
Through a lot, slanging out my drop now
Through a lot, nobody's helping me whether they see it or not
Going through a lot, I'm hitting on the cops now
Through a lot, wishing they would stop now
Through a lot, nobody's helping me whether they see it or not

All this music got me going crazy,
Can't even concentrate on my family (but I still gotta do it)
Plus I gotta go through all this family hatred,
I don't know why everybody's hating me (but I still gotta do it)
Even one of my homeboys thinking that I'm bangin his lady,
I don't know why he would think that outta me (but he gotta go through it)
To all the nappy heads I got you baby,
We about to make it, yes indeed (and we gonna get through it)

I work a nine to five shawty and they think it's funny,
And how they feel that my stress don't count homie,
I hit the beat like a cop when I hit the block,
Because my baby's gotta eat, I ain't gonna never stop,
I see them laughing at me for '

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