It's Not the Crime Songtext
von Tower of Power

It's Not the Crime Songtext

I broke the law last night,
Commited a criminal and sexual act.
She was on top in this state,
I said I went to get bopped.

And though I didn′t get caught,
I know in my mind I commited no crime,
Still by some fluke I'm here serving time,
Oh No!!

It′s not the crime,
And it's not the thought,
It's not the deed,
It′s if you get caught.

I got some friends who like to stay HIGH,
Think of, the tax potential,
If it was legal to buy.
But instead the kid is forced,
To bust on victimless crimes,
It′s the look last bust,
Nickel and dime,
Oh, Oh...

It's not the crime,
And it′s not the thought,
It's not the deed,
It′s if you get caught.

Think of all them Profiteers,
And how they got that way,
Cause they sure the hell would not be there,
Without the payoff game that's played.
Think of what we could do,
If it was you that was in their shoes,
You either play the game
Or else you lose,
Bad News,

It′s not who's sold,
It's not who′s bought,
And it′s not the kickbacks,
It's if you get caught

It′s not the crime,
It's not the thought,
And it′s not the deed,
It's if you get caught.

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