Til It Shines Songtext
von Thunder

Til It Shines Songtext

I look in the mirror, I stand one eighty five
I'm glad I'm not too short, I'm glad that I'm alive
There's sometimes on a bad day, I got no self esteem
Especially when I see those shiny color magazines

Lord, you know I can see the picture now
Of the transformation they could do for me
If I was dumb enough I'd pick up that phone
And get in line, and they could stretch my sallow skin until it shines

Desire and envy, welling up in your heart
You wanna take a hammer to your next door neighbours car
So you dream of the good life, and how the fantasy burns
Makes you gamble on the tv, but you'll never ever learn

One in a million is better odds than you've got
But you still believe that this could be the one
Why don't you just relax and try to concieve the perfect plan
Or you can rub your lucky charm until it shines
Until it shines

You spent your heart and money on a house of cards
Not knowing which way the wind will blow
Invested all your loveing on a crazy whim
And there's no telling where she'll go

So you spend your time dreaming, thinking how it used to be
'Til you come to know the meaning of regreat
You've convinced yourself that everything's going how it ought to be, in your head
You're polishing the dirt until it shines
Lord until it shines, oh
Until it shines
Lord until it shines, oh

All that we're praying for, it ain't always what we find
So all of us sit waiting for the sun until it shines

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