Service With a Smile Songtext
von Thunder

Service With a Smile Songtext

He has the eyes of the killer of road
We're so shure
He has the look of the maniac himself
All we swear
They send him to kill, Send to dishonour

Blot of shame tormenting him
In this topsy - turvy, They send him to rape
Send to homicide, Blot of killer pride for him
No repent no remorse, They gave him money
They gave him orders, His self-control

Made them so sure for him
In his phantom photos
His partners betrayed him
Cause he's a maniac

Get up from accusation chair
You will hear the verdict
You are tried and found guilty
Of crimes with prepensation

We've to bring him to the room of gas
For execution this our verdict for killers
Verdict for maniacs
He has to be tortured with knives by us
(For the) Crimes had made
He has to be executed in gas
(Tied) by our hands

Poison obscured him, Brings him to the end
His dead body after, Is washwed and examinated
He'll say on his tomb
Ashes to ashes, Performing burial service

Over him, prison's priest
Bidding farewell prayes
(He) Belongs to Jesus, Oh it's no true
Sinful belongs to hell, His soul goes to hell
Soul fasten with nails, The soul without peace

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