Phone Book Songtext
von The Wheat Pool

Phone Book Songtext

I think I′m gettin' over you
I think you don′t know
What to do about it
Now that summer has gone
And another came along and came to stay
I think I'm gonna go away
'Cause it′s one sad night after another
And I don′t want to stay to die here
Dying on these steps
But I ain't leaving yet
But I can′t stay
I think I'm learning everyday
That all this hurt is just the answer to things you′d never say
I'm dying
Things you′d never say

Words to make me stay
So here's to you
With all your looking back
From all the alcohol and cigarettes you had
And I don't want to stay
And waste another night
As we just waste
When all I wanted was tomorrow
Frith you another dayI think I′m gonna go away
′Cause it's one sad night after
Another And I don′t want to stay to die here
Tear the pages from the phonebook
And throw 'em all away
′Cause you don't know how much m
Ouble I was getting inl without you .

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