Can't Talk Anymore Songtext
von The Vapors

Can't Talk Anymore Songtext

Just another Tuesday afternoon
Just another sudden squalid squall
Just another day to stay in bed
Just another dismal rendezvous

Only I can see beneath the sheets
Only I can satisfy my God
Only knows why I was ever born
Only I can tell me but I wont say a word

I can't talk anymore *4

Don't you know it's hard to stay awake
Don't you find it's hard to face the floor
Don't you ever make the same mistake
Only I can tell you but I wont say a word

I can't talk anymore *4

Can't pull the curtains
Cos theres something in the sky
The animal inside me
Sits and begs for suicide
And rain comes pouring through my pillow
I'm so affected by the smallest thing I do
Nothing I remember
Hurts me half as much as you

Look at my hands - pretty picture
Look at my head - simple head
Look at my eyes - in the mirror
Looks like someone else instead

I didn't learn about this at school
There's nothing in the papers
Or my discharge report
Someone on the phone
They got a message for my dog
Someones in the bathroom
When I want to use the bog

Angers on the road to pulling through
Can't you keep it quiet
I'll put a contract on you
Don't you say a word
Don't you even breathe a sigh
David's life's in danger
He's on permanent high

He can't talk anymore
I can't talk anymore
What did I do last night

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