Knocking Ourselves Dead Songtext
von The Vacancy

Knocking Ourselves Dead Songtext

as darkness sets over these familiar streets I can feel my heart start to beat
cause were gonna break this town
oh were gonna break it and turn it upside down and pull it inside out
so we follow the streetlights crushing everything in sight
and everyone I know is calling me on the phone saying "lets go"
so lets give them what we've got (what we've got yea)
wind those windows down and turn that radio up
so they can hear us loud and clear
oh, this town has never looked better than it does tonight
were painting the town red and knocking ourselves dead
and all of us we sing along to all of our favorite songs that we know
its times like this I can be free when nothing seems to bother me
and all of us we get along still having fun still going strong
were soaring and we go we go we go

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