Tears Songtext
von The Stone Roses

Tears Songtext

Our love girl is going through changes
I don't know if I'm alive, dead, dying
Or just a little jaded
Someone throw me a line
You know I need it, I need it bad

Lost in a maze of my own making
No way out that I can find
Send home your hard working jury
I'm going down this time
You better believe it, yes you had

So if you hear me crying
Or talking in my sleep
Don't be afraid
It's just the hours that I keep
We gotta love to last for a million years
A love that could never fade
Through the tracks of your tears

All I can do is hope that you will see me fall
Do your best to smash my picture on your wall
Forgive me baby
Absolve me my dear
I've seen the future in the tracks of your tears

I've seen the future in the tracks of your tears
Of your tears
All those tears

I cast a shorter shadow with every passing day
No time to think I'm just fading away
Some kind of magic in all your hopes and fears
Shows me the future through the tracks of your tears

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