Rat Race Songtext
von The Drifters

Rat Race Songtext

You know it's cruel
Out here in this rat race
There's just one rule
Out here in this rat race

Out her in the jungle
You've got to fight from nine to five
In this steel and concrete jungle
You've gotta fight to stay alive

It's a rat race

You know it's mean, yes, it is
Out here in this rat race
You can't stay clean, no
Out here in this rat race

If you don't wanna starve
You know you gotta be like a hog
There's no such thing as friendship
Out here, it's dog eat dog

It's a rat race

Eat and sleep, sleep and eat
Oh, Lord, what a rut
Work and slave, slave and work
Work and slave for what

Sometimes I get the feeling
That it isn't worth it, bud
When I see my woman standing there
With my kids, look at em
Just standing round

Then I say to myself
You know it's worth it all
And that's the reason why
I ain't giving in, no, no, no, no

Out here in this rat race
I'm gonna win, yes, I will
Oh, in this rat race

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