One to Another Songtext
von The Charlatans

One to Another Songtext

One to another
Sister and a brother
Changing the way that you feel
Pleased to meet you
Hope I never see you
I'll be at ease watchin' you sleep watchin' you smile

Love I adore you
Always lookin' for you
And I'll be there whenever you need me
Be my Spiderwoman I'll be your Spiderman

I hear our day is comin'
Grows sweeter every year
Tomorrow could be too easy
And today's goin' to be too near
Justice for believers and love can keep the faith
I don't need you I can't buy you I can't hurt you

One to another
Peace to my brother
Always giving me his thing for free
Sad to knock you
It's good to rock you
And I'll do it the best that I can

I hear our day is coming
Gets sweeter every year
Tomorrow's gonna be too easy
And today's gonna be too near
Trust is for believers and love can keep the faith
I don't need you I can't buy you I can't hurt you

Stand by my accusations
I'll come clean I don't need no vice
I know you want to keep me waitin'
I think its funny that you might
Love is hard to leave
And it's hard to never have

Can you please crawl out of your window
You can play with all my love
Yeah yeah yeah
Box up all our records
And a head full of ideas
And a hand full of escape routes
They're going to burn you

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