Better Days Songtext
von The Blackbyrds

Better Days Songtext

Better day is that we looking for dear lord can you hear our pray

First step to the top never stop rap is all I got Hip Hop is on my
Main friends watching die hope we live our lives with no crop
Celebration that we need smoking weed seeping wine where that seeds
We like I don′t care what I want I need a bad chick am jobless
Hopeless waiting for better day with no pay how can a lord listen to
Our pray with no faith u put a smile in u face while heart full a
Hate can u fix that case u need to save a money in ur box while ur
Child hungry crying need a bread or u always wasting money for fun
While ur brother waiting to pay him a school fees lord please change
Our heart let us be a great seed South Sudan think wisely
This a tech Era don't forget the whole world watching yella

Better day is that we looking for dear lord can you hear our pray

Second verse clear that worth Deja Vu peace and unity dear Dr.
John grang we get ur message wrong we thought strong completely we
Found ourselves need to crow uh u can make yourself perfect without
Point ur purpose life is good we make it under by killing each others
Struggling 21years for freedom we completed is time to join our steps
For sure we can a good gate perfect time to find who I am am rhyming
Am from South Sudan is time to think about your nation generation is
Our caution any one of us need to live a good time and see his
Children growing around to teach em things when he was young life is
Full of secrets we find it only if we open our main choose a way
Brother we put our hands together or we all say welcome to good die

Am not trying to tell the whole world what′s going on but already
Know how South Sudan Cary on we losing fathers brothers sisters
Mothers struggling live day by day with hope everyday is birthday for
Us is curse day we live in worth way I wish I can live in my state
And wife rise kids she wake up in the morning and coke cake me drive
Them to school at evening I can take em to play basketball what ever
They wanna play am OK movie night cinema let's ur kids be finest and
U can be honest next day u'll see where to find em perfect time to
Say goodbye to all a misery start a new life
Better days is on a way my homies don′t leave stay

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