Paranoia in B flat major Songtext
von The Avett Brothers

Paranoia in B flat major Songtext

I keep tellin myself that itll be fine
You cant make everybody happy all of the time
I find myself in a place that I never been
A place that I thought that I could never be
Theres people looking back at me

I keep having this dream; Im at a party
Theres people throwing drinks and
screaming telling me that I dont belong
Lately lifes been the same I find this comfortable place
With all my friends then my friends start
telling me that Ive always been wrong
And Im so tired of being wrong

There was a time I could move there was a time I could breathe
The crowded spaces filled with angry faces
It didnt once cross my mind
With paranoia on my heels; Will you love me still
when we awake and see that the sanity has gone from my eyes?

I got secrets from you, you got secrets from me
Because youre so worried about what Im gonna to think,
Well Im worried too
But if love is a game, girl, then youre gonna win
Ill spend the rest of my life bringing victory in
If you want me to

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