Waterfall of Tears (Glitchfuck remix by LOKO5T4R) Songtext
von T-Error Machinez

Waterfall of Tears (Glitchfuck remix by LOKO5T4R) Songtext

I was walking alone in a forest road
On the shore of a river
I heard the sound of bells and the croack of the crows
It was autumn, the leaves fell and
The wind breeze flowed along my skin

I sat down on a bridge where below a
Waterfall of tears flowed
The ghosts rise and walk near to me
The fog becomes more dense
And the cold rain drenched my face
As if I were crying

Joints in proximity of a tree
Was the tree of suicides
After the hanging were thrown
In the waterfall of tears

The sound of the symphony that was in my head
Recalls my pain and the loneliness in my lifetime
Passed next to the wrong people

The river of tears became my cryes
I fell into depression and came
To the conclusion of the hanging

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