The Wings of Icaro Songtext
von T-Error Machinez

The Wings of Icaro Songtext

In this labyrinth where there lies a demoniac creature
Known as the minotaur
I must run away but I need a pair of wings

Being trapped here inside
I do not have much to do and my father daedalus had the idea
To build a pair of wings with wax and being amused
I flew that high, in the borders of everything
I felt free, out of every limits

I could see everything from up
The world was swarming of ignorance and despite predjudices
I could feel free show to them that
I do not care of what they were saying because
I knoew what I wanted and how to get it

All this sensation was amazing
But wasn't destinated to last longer because
I flied near the sun and my wings were melting
While I fell from up
I feel the swish and the cold of the air that was touching my skin

Everything must end after a while but the satisfaction
To prevail and to show how much we can be stronger
To get over our problems is immense

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