Crimson Butterfly Songtext
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Crimson Butterfly Songtext

Two sisters run through a marsh
Peach flowers blossom
Their petals covered the fields

One of them
Playing hide and seek faltered in a hole
And fell down to a cliff

Those peach flower became moths
And from rose, their colour turned red
Like the eyes of the dead sister

A moth flew on the shoulder of the living sister
Whispering that she came back to Mother Nature

She went on, along her own way
But suddently she bowed, cuz she saw a violin
Covered by dry leaves and wet soil

Suddently, when she played the ancient melody
The moths gathered and wrap her
Untill they become one with the girl
Dressing her with a scarlett mantel

Red hair, red eyes
Red shoes, red dress
The goddess of strength, revenge and love has born again

So came the time of the crimson butterfly
Carrying the soul of her sister, and guide of the lost souls
Becoming herself a moth

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