Alice in the Dark Land Songtext
von T-Error Machinez

Alice in the Dark Land Songtext

I am who with a pill in more could see what did not exist
I could travel through worlds which are only invented
I had a animal guide, I fell into the deepest sleep

I crossed over into the spiral of the universe
Dancing in a circle with witches we conjure the mystery
He drank from the chalice and stabbed the white rabbit

I became invincible, my knife stabbing fast
As a vortex in the opening phase and as a tornado in the closing phase
The dose was over, I woke up in the dark wilderness

The animal told me to follow him, everything looked wavy
The objects flying, the blood was scattered everywhere
The wrath of the Cheshire Cat poured over me

Playing cards were talking and walking, trying to stick their spears
I survived, and I continued my journey, the dead were used as road
I arrived from the Red Queen and I woke up in a mental hospital under sedation

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