The Void Songtext
von System Syn

The Void Songtext

Understand I have no faith
But I pray that you won't find a need for honesty
I'm drifting out
Floating just above the ground
And nothing that I reach for is tied down
So off they go

A blur, and then a memory
As the landscape succumbs
To the curvature of the earth
A blur, and then a memory
While we pretend
That our lives have worth

Understand I have no purpose
But I will tell myself anything
To prolong my suffering
Oh, you know it by another name, I'm sure
Just as your role in life will always be secure
Well there you go, well there you go

A blur, and then a memory
This worthless hope
Dissolving on my tongue
A blur, and then a memory
Our words just air
Escaping from our lungs

Understand I have no soul
The concept is a manmade joke
But it's been told longer than I've been alive
And now the words come without thought
Just patterns, sounds that we were taught
So let them fade, like shadows in the night

A blur and then a memory
With each new day
I will fade a little more
To a blur, and then a memory
And soon you won't remember
Who that prayer was for

A blur, and then a memory
And then a memory

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